Ancient Love - Ongoing

We are data - Visualize this datastory


Marco Lemmens
Moving Media Design

Claudia Tjia

Joey Geraeds


The client for this project is 'We Are Data'. WE ARE DATA is no indictment of technology development, privacy breach or perturbation in our physical integrity which can result from it. The goal is to attract visitors to hold a mirror and helping them gain a better understanding of the new technologies which we expose ourselves to.

Project description

The main purpose of our concept is to make people aware of the data we expose ourselves to daily. How can we do this in a way that is visually attractive and fun? The result is going to be a mix of audiovisual and story elements, webdevelopment and data.

Ancient Love

We came up with a concept that combines a strong story with sensors and measuring. The main purpose is mathing people on the basis of breathing and heartbeat. We researched what matching elements result in a strong relationship, and surprisingly, this is what came out of it. We use an eyetracker for gathering personal interests, heartbeat and breathing. We also use the eyetracker for measuring anxiety in parts of the "ride". When the system has made a profile, you will be matched.

Intro (Dutch)

Download scenario   Download concept summary   Download intro film
More to follow soon...